Six ban strict Festival corruption

In September 2nd, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued "on further strict disciplinary requirements during the mid autumn day notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), this is strictly prohibited to purchase gift moon cake festival gift behavior with holiday names spamming allowances, subsidies, bonuses, real or public funds; prohibited use of public funds for tourism, entertainment and fitness activities, or to accept management and the service object arrangement of such activities is strictly prohibited; entertain each other has nothing to do with public funds arrangements with official; non Gongjusiyong, private bus driving and the use of authority to subordinate units or enterprises, management service use vehicles; prohibited accepting illegal gifts and various securities, payment vouchers, commercial prepaid cards, electronic gift cards, or participate in gambling in any form; it is strictly prohibited to use weddings and funerals, housewarming took office, accepting lavish gifts and education.

"notice" stressed that the party organizations at all levels should take strict control of the party from the party’s political responsibility, hundred-percent to fulfill the main responsibility for honest government. Discipline and rules should be in front of the party’s political discipline, discipline, discipline, discipline, discipline, discipline and discipline, in grasping the constant, long grasping, grasping the fine work. Leading cadres at all levels, especially the leaders should personally deploy and supervise the spirit and provisions of the central eight provinces and the implementation of the measures, but also set an example, strict self-discipline, and strengthen education and constraints on their relatives and staff.To continue to keep the pressure up

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