The progress of establishing national forest city in Xining

Positive action, solid work, to establish a solid foundation for the success of the National Forest City

  positive action, solid work, to establish a solid foundation for the success of the National Forest city. Since the 2012 to carry out the creation of National Forest City, the municipal government attaches great importance to the evaluation of national forest city to create standards and procedures, designed to create planning, establishing a programme of work, set up to create a leading group, create the responsibility system. On the ecological environment, forestry industry, ecological culture system and three forest resources security capacity building, continue to increase investment in ecological construction, to carry out the construction of the theme park, the new rural greening, quadrilateral green and airport highway greening landscape renovation of key project construction, completion of the north, Tianbao, forests and other countries key forestry ecological project construction tasks, launched three north-south mountain afforestation project, vigorously carry out the construction of forest seedling production and forestry industry base, city greening rate and a substantial increase in the total greenbelt. The 40 indicators of National Forest City in full compliance with the standards by the end of 2014, the index of forest coverage, urban green coverage rate, per capita green area, village greening rate, waterfront greening rate, road greening rate of 25 of the core of all standards, one year ahead of the completion of the construction tasks.

boost confidence, to push forward, and actively do a good job in the work of Sen Ying ying.

2015 is the Xining chuangsen acceptance of the year, according to the evaluation and verification of National Forest City, completed the "Xining National Forest City Construction of self report" "Xining National Forest City construction planning implementation assessment report" and "Xining city to create a national forest city" report on the work of the preparation work. And in accordance with the declaration procedures and requirements issued by the State Forestry Administration, completed the creation of national forest city the application information, the municipal government has sent "to the provincial forestry department for approval of Xining City National Forest City letter", planned before July 20th to the State Forestry Bureau reported the information, complete the National Forest City to declare the work overall, ready for verification of the State Forestry administration.

highlight the focus, sum up experience, continue to maintain a good momentum of rapid development of urban and rural greening. start the implementation of the three phase of the North South greening project. 2015 April, held the three phase of the north and South green project started the General Assembly this year, plans to implement the task of 44 thousand and 800 acres of green mountains and rivers in the north of the three phase. At present, the county has completed irrigation afforestation task 31089 acres, 13370 acres of afforestation, as the target of 99.2%, a total of more than 348 trees planted all kinds of trees, built a simple mountain road 51.4 km, 7.6 km pipeline laying temporary water, irrigation project design is approved, completed an investment of 107 million 890 thousand yuan. push forward the construction of forestry ecological engineering. plans to implement this year, the three north forest, forest protection, forest and other key public key projects 333 thousand and 900 acres, with a total investment of $230 million. At present, the completion of artificial;

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