Xining animal husbandry will be held in rural areas to observe the meeting

September 14th, Xining animal husbandry animal husbandry will be held in Huangyuan, deputy secretary Su Rong, deputy mayor of the three districts in the County Animal Husbandry Department of the person in charge of the accompanying were observed by the person in charge of the Ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry, Animal Husbandry Department of the people’s Republic of China in four areas.

in exchange meeting Su Rong stressed that the development of animal husbandry to catch from the faucet, and grass to livestock, forage quality development is the foundation of the development of modern animal husbandry, to play the financial capital of 42 dials thousand catties effect. In our city next year will be out of 10 million for the livestock raising funds to support the Agricultural Development Zone for the formation of the modern animal husbandry system, the animal husbandry has become a pillar industry in Xining agriculture. Through the development of large, effectively solve the city’s poultry eggs and milk supply, let Xining people eat meat, drink safe milk, agricultural efficiency, increase farmers’ income.  

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