The demolition of Qinghai bridge aluminum 5 sets of 125 thousand kilowatts units blasting

7 5 in the morning, Qinghai investment group Limited by Share Ltd bridge aluminum kW main workshop, 5 sets of 125 thousand chimney and cooling tower smooth blasting demolition.

According to the

state on the thermal power industry policy of "big pressure on the small", Qinghai investment group, deepening supply side structural reform, steadily promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, actively building a new model of growth and development of new energy, the demolition of 5 units is the landmark nodes.

it is understood that the demolition project site will be planning the expansion of a total investment of 7 billion yuan, 3 sets of 660 thousand kilowatts ultra supercritical coal-fired air-cooled generators, synchronous construction of efficient desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal facilities, the first unit plans to put into operation in June 2018.

provincial Party committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin attended the demolition blasting ceremony and issued a blasting order.

Zhang Jianmin said that the implementation of Qinghai bridge aluminum Limited by Share Ltd "big pressure on the small thermal power project, is a good implementation of the provincial government to create ecological civilization, promote energy development, promote the decision and deployment of energy-saving emission reduction carbon reduction. After the completion of the project will become green bridge aluminum energy-saving environmental protection power plant, and further enhance the province’s power supply capacity, effectively improve the power structure. The relevant departments of the province and the city of Xining will continue to vigorously support the construction of bridge aluminum thermal power units, and with the implementation of the project as an opportunity to further implement the provincial government’s decision to deploy, as a positive, seize the opportunity, continue to promote more major industrial and energy construction project landing.


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