Xining north of the agricultural and rural work conference held in 2013

  March 1st afternoon, north of the city of Xining City District Committee and the district government convened towns and subdistrict office is mainly responsible for the district agriculture related departments, 38 village "two committees" and the person in charge of the region deployed the countryside preaching the spirit of the document No. 1 cadres more than 140 people, on the first floor conference room held the district authorities of agricultural and rural work in 2013 and No. 1 cadres to the countryside preaching mobilization. District standing committee, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Wei Xining presided over the meeting. Paul Liu, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization of the district government, Changan District, comrade Wen Bin attended the meeting on behalf of the.

there are five main items on the agenda of the meeting to convey the provincial and municipal agricultural and rural work conference spirit (written); the 2012 annual summary of agricultural and rural work, work arrangements in 2013; the "three rural" arrangements for the supervision and management work; the 2013 deployment of cadres to the countryside preaching the No. 1 document and carry out the "four advance and four strengthening" the district leadership speech.

vice mayor An Wenbin on behalf of the district government a comprehensive and scientific summary of the 2012 the region’s agricultural and rural work and the arrangements for the deployment of key tasks in 2013 of this year, and in accordance with the "United, Yuanyuan yuan Cun complementary" mode, build in Baoziwan areas with high, fine, fine as the development direction, highlighting the characteristics of inheritance the new rural construction, rich humanistic charm of the urban leisure agriculture tourism circle and community work put forward the new requirements, and strive to the end of the completion of the per capita net income of farmers 13300 yuan, an increase of 12%.


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