The State Council will be the third major reform of the Qinghai part of the commercial system reform

recently, the State Council issued the "State Council on Duzhashi transferred third times inspection feedback and related inspection results of the notice", the reform of commercial system in our province as one of the two typical methods found for inspection, the achievements of the reform have been fully affirmed the State Council eighteenth inspection group.

"notice" summarized the typical form of attachment: "Qinghai vigorously promote the reform of administrative examination and approval system. The provincial government departments to retain 287 administrative approval, cancellation and vigorously regulate intermediary service matters, according to the realization of "zero fee", "according to a code" by the time the original business license for at least 20 days shortened to less than 5 working days, the earlier announced "two list" of the provinces, but also the retention of provincial administrative approval to fewer provinces".

commercial system since the implementation of reform, in accordance with the State Council and the provincial government’s deployment, our province, around the decentralization discharge pipe combination, the general requirements to optimize services, vigorously adjust and reduce the administrative examination and approval, the 226 items of business registration pre-approval is reduced to 29, accounting for only 13% of the original, will be adjusted to 157 administrative approval the industrial and commercial registration post approval, and again reduced to 135, reduced by nearly 15%. Initiative to promote enterprise registration zero threshold, zero cost and zero barriers". The abolition of all enterprises and individual business registration fees, inspection fees, inspection fees, license fee and other administrative fees, the newly registered enterprises newspapers announcement to online publicity, the industrial and commercial registration "zero fee". Since March 2014, the province’s cancellation of a verification report for newly registered enterprises to reduce costs more than 500 million yuan, cancel the enterprise registration fee for newly registered enterprises to reduce the expenditure of more than 170 million yuan, the newspaper announcement to an online publicity, for enterprises to reduce the expenditure of 11 million 967 thousand yuan. Since the reform of the commercial system, the province’s newly registered market players 162 thousand and 500, accounting for 50.1% of the province’s total market players, the growth rate of more than 25% consecutive years, higher than the national average.

at the same time, actively promote the integration of the license to focus on "three in one" "five one" "two card integration" registration system reform, the province’s provincial and municipal (state), county (District) level three synchronous ahead to achieve the objectives of the reform, the enterprise production needs at least 5 departments to run to reduce to just run a business before, for the time from at least 20 days shortened to 5 days, some areas also achieved on the spot management, market access to achieve the fast and efficient hitherto unknown.


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