Wangjiazhuang City North Station 49 a black cotton dens were the end of Xining


Qinghai news network March 11th, provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau received a report from the masses, a black cotton

manufacturing dens investigated.

investigation, Xining city Wangjiazhuang North Station No. 49 to Xumian processing of recycled cotton, cotton thread "black cotton

as a raw material, the processing of dozens of bedding products every day, and the price of 10 yuan per bed to tens of dollars range

, a large number of small commodity wholesale market. Law enforcement officers at the scene seized dozens of poor quality bedding, poor

recycled cotton raw materials 14 packs, about 1.4 tons, the confiscation of inferior products and raw materials, and the dens banned.

(author: Guo Min)


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