Xining held a civilized city civilized man thousands of signatures

With the founding of the city of Xining battle started, more and more people to join the war of civilization. September 4th, Xining City, the first vocational and technical school held a "civilized city · do civilized people," a thousand signatures, 1314 freshmen and all the staff to participate in the activities of the 2012.

at 14:30 on September 4th began, 1314 freshmen picked up the pen, wrote on the banner of the city’s commitment to action. Activities, the parents of a student organization in Xining is also involved in. Create a civilized city, civilized people, as students we should start from the side of the little things, do not throw things, do not damage the public facilities, do not run the red light, so that civilization has become the city’s most beautiful scenery." 2012 class hotel management Chen Haidi said.

Xining post office director Lu Ning MA students said: "a city needs the efforts of each individual schools through this activity, not only to make the students understand the meaning of a city, but also to let each student participate, better to hit the city out of a force, at the same time, in order to enhance the students’ moral and values, make a leap in quality of civilization." (author: Chen Jun)


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