Xining in 2013 ten categories of private projects to finalize the project for the 58

new 800 sets of low rent housing, public rental housing for the 3000 sets of the renewal of the 622 expired bus

– the full implementation of urban and rural residents serious illness medical insurance commercialization of the implementation of 13 primary and secondary school standardized school construction

new 6 e-book service station, the 4 blocks of the independent library to build environmental quality of air quality automatic monitoring station


January 22nd, the Xining municipal government in 2013 the people’s livelihood project to do practical projects finalized. This year, Xining raised a total of 4 billion 305 million 520 thousand yuan to determine the food basket project, health care, urban infrastructure, such as the construction of the top 58 livelihood projects of the people of the world.

130 million yuan to protect the food basket

this year, Xining city will invest 130 million yuan to build 2500 buildings, 4000 buildings in winter greenhouse barn, enhance the transformation of 2000 old shed. New construction, renovation, expansion of 40 livestock and poultry breeding base. Construction of Xining meat and vegetable circulation traceability system, complete the meat traceability. Will continue to do a good job in stabilizing prices, protect the supply of the market, the organization of 40 thousand tons of vegetables and vegetables, vegetable reserves of 30 thousand tons, the reserves of meat of 2000 tons.

update 622 expired bus

last year, Xining updated more than 400 buses, the public applauded. This year, Xining city will update 622 cars due to the bus, further optimization of bus lines and site layout, continue to implement the traffic hub center, parking lot, pedestrian overpasses, traffic channelization and signal timing optimization and smooth traffic project construction. The implementation of road extension, and Bowen Road West Road engineering.

new low-cost housing 800 units, public rental housing

to complete the transformation of 5000 rural people in danger of dilapidated buildings, rural housing incentives for households, 15000. Completion of 500 thousand square meters of old residential transformation tasks, and strive to achieve full coverage of residential property services. 800 new low-cost housing units, public rental housing, a total of 3000 units, shantytowns transformation of the set of 7000.

implementation of the standardization of 13 primary and secondary school building

combined with education layout adjustment, the implementation of 13 primary and secondary schools in Xining, Nanchuan road middle school, the tiger Taiwan at the standardization of school construction and a branch of Huangchuan middle school 5, Shen the school environment improvement project. 11 kindergartens, Datong Qiaotou Town Golden Boy art kindergarten kindergarten construction project. The basic completion of fourteen relocation project construction, completion of fifth relocation and special school projects.

built 6 e-book service stations and 4 blocks of independent libraries

for the city’s 931 rural farmers to buy new books library, and the construction of the 6 e-book service stations, the library of the 4 blocks. Construction of a municipal mass cultural service center, a civilized city integrated information service platform, a;

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