The fashion feast of a spectacle a case study of glasses chain brand planning and investment

strong brand influence to protect the number of customers, other people greatly refined, good cultural background to retro feel. Here’s a look at the franchise information.

1859, the chain business model was born, first proposed by two Jewish students from Harvard University in the United States, its essence is the geometric multiplication theory principle, was widely used in the field of commodity sales. Western countries call it the "bright spot", which means that no matter where the model is located, where it can quickly become rich. From 80s, the rapid development of global chain operations, the United States almost every 6.5 minutes there is a chain store opened. This model was officially introduced into the Chinese market in 1998, causing a chain of investment boom!

it is analysis and grasp the market trend is based on Ouyi glasses come to a gorgeous incarnations, to create a new fashion glasses chain brand – is acting, from the name, location, logo,   advertising language, market segmentation, marketing strategy, multi dimension channel planning for creative planning, and combined with the new o2o business model, create a highly competitive market recommendation

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