Silk Road culture unique artistic charm


of the spring and Autumn period of the Western Han Dynasty bronze, painted pottery warrior figurines, Tang Sancai painted pottery bowl, camel and flour food…… May 1st, in the Provincial Museum, large-scale cultural relics exhibition "Silk Road – cultural relics exhibition" meet with the audience. Provincial and foreign audience free viewing of the northwest five provinces and towns of the Museum of the 18 treasures of the museum and the treasures of our national treasures. The Silk Road of prosperity in the spring and Autumn period of the Han Dynasty, bud silk road, silk road opened in the Tang period, the audience had a unique cultural course in the exhibition in the Silk Road, the Silk Road to understand the history of the Silk Road surge high and sweep forward, feel the charm and culture between the eastern and Western civilizations in history.

The Silk Road

: "cultural relics exhibition" is in the Silk Road Museum Association Chinese along Museum Specialized Committee under the guidance of the five northwestern provinces (autonomous regions) jointly launched 18 large-scale cultural units of cultural relics exhibition. As one of the most influential exhibitions, the exhibition theme focuses on "The Belt and Road" development strategy, high-profile. Since its introduction, the exhibition has been in National Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, the Gansu Provincial Museum, Shaanxi Museum of history, Ningxia Museum, more than 10 museums on display, social repercussions warm.

tour of Qinghai by the Chinese Museum Association and the Qinghai Provincial Federation of culture, press and publication. 167 pieces (sets) of Silk Road heritage boutique, with its high grade, quantity, the beauty of the object to attract the attention of the audience. The Zhongtong banknote, Yu tiles, God figure western gold ornaments renju silver belt, gold ornaments and other cattle wolf bite me, also let the audience see treasure of treasures.


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