Provincial government held the second meeting will be held in the 2016 green

5 10, the provincial government held a meeting of the 2016 green and the third session of the Qinghai Lake (International) electric car challenge the preparatory work of the second meeting. Vice governor Wang Liming attended and spoke.

meeting that the preparatory work carried out, the executive committee members of the unit attaches great importance to pay close attention to the implementation of the work in an orderly manner.

meeting stressed that only 40 days away from the opening of the exhibition, the units should further refine the task, the implementation of responsibility, and promote the preparatory work. Organize key activities, refinement of the opening ceremony, the forum and the closing ceremony and other programs to ensure that the activities featured highlights. We will strengthen the invitation of businessmen to actively seek the support of relevant state ministries and commissions, provincial and municipal districts, central enterprises, well-known private enterprises, foreign businessmen and chambers of Commerce, and raise the level of exhibition. Increase the intensity of investment, combined with the advantages of resources and characteristics of the industry, the introduction of a number of green development, the development of circular construction projects to ensure the effectiveness of investment. Improve the exhibition display level, outstanding new products, new technologies, new services and new formats, highlighting the green low-carbon development cycle highlights. Increase publicity efforts to take a variety of ways to create an atmosphere to enhance the impact of the show. Earnestly implement the reception task, take the initiative to do a good job of information communication, to be pragmatic, warm and thoughtful. Strengthen security work, improve emergency plans to ensure the smooth conduct of the exhibition.

meeting requirements, the units should form a barrier to information communication, work with each other more harmonious pattern, high standards and high quality to complete the task, to promote the exhibition scale, level, level of new improvement.


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