Xining City the operation of begging beggars begging

little girl can’t run and sit on the ground crying.

street begging is a chronic disease in a civilized city, for the management of Xining city a in the future work in the city, the Municipal Public Security Bureau from August 15th onwards, the joint civil affairs, urban management and other departments to carry out clean-up, rescue the street begging homeless people in Xining special action within the City, focused on City beggars persuasion personnel, and escorted to the rescue station for the return.

little girl ran away crying

August 15th 16 PM, in the wells lane near the pedestrian crowds. Stream of people, a six or seven year old, the little girl dressed in rags caused the attention of public security, civil affairs department staff. When the police and civil affairs staff stepped forward to ask, a young woman pushed a little girl, and quietly shouted a run!"

little girl after hearing, satuijiupao. Civil service staff rushed forward, the girl stopped. See escape plan did not succeed, the little girl sat on the ground crying. A look at this situation, the police and civil affairs staff rushed to appease the girl in the past, hoping to understand the point of the situation, but the little girl just crying, not to say a word. In desperation, the police and civil affairs staff ready to bring back the little girl rescue station. At this time, once to the little girl ordered to escape the woman took the initiative to walk, the little girl is their village, she knew the little girl. However, the little girl on the police car still open, she said the young woman is her aunt. After hearing the police, the woman also took the car. City Civil Affairs Bureau official said, after verification, they confirmed that the woman is a little girl’s aunt.

husband and wife with their children separately begging

microphone, speaker, carton…… 19 PM, a street singer in the wells alley, sitting cross legged in front of him, along with a written appeal board content. The man on the leg, also sat a boy about 5 years old.

a civil affairs staff approached the man asked to help him do not need to go home, the man said a few days to go home, do not help the civil affairs department. The man decided to persuade him to leave because he was begging in the busy section. After the man got up, put on the ground to help information shows that he is from Qinghai, but he took out the booklet has proved that he came from Gansu, Minxian. The man said that the boy was his child. However, man was the police and civil affairs staff from wells alley advised to leave, the reporter in the Wangfujing supermarket crowd to see the man, but his children are not around.

at the same time, a woman hurried with dishevelled hair and a dirty face in his hand with a money, district staff recognize the woman is the wife of the wandering singer.

grandmother and granddaughter did not know

help: disaster in Gansu, Minxian home, parents and houses were washed away by the flood, leaving only my grandmother and two people, my grandmother has a disability, uncle aunt to help me through the difficult;

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