Hao Peng in the provincial government fourth conference stressed the strict political discipline str

March 30th, the provincial government held a fourth meeting of clean government. Governor Hao Peng at the meeting stressed that the government and government departments at all levels should thoroughly study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech at the six plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, earnestly implement the six plenary session of the Commission and the State Council meeting of the fourth Commission and the provincial Commission for discipline inspection of the five plenary session of the deployment, strict compliance with the party constitution, strict political discipline and resolutely purge key areas of corruption, resolutely purge Yong Zheng lazy political lazy political behavior, to further promote the government system and the anti-corruption work, accelerate the construction of rule of law government, innovative government, honest government and service-oriented government.

Hao Peng pointed out that over the past year, the government system to fully implement the central and provincial a series of decisions on clean government and anti-corruption work deployment, comprehensive facilities strategy, tackling the problem, promote anti-corruption work, especially the new achievements in the transformation of government functions, key areas of supervision and inspection, the main responsibility for the implementation of honest government, etc.. Hao Peng stressed that the anti-corruption task is still arduous, we must insist on the one hand, on the one hand the reform and development of anti-corruption, provide a guarantee for the realization of comprehensive well-off society built a good start in the decisive stage.

Hao Peng put forward six requirements for this year’s work: first, firmly establish the "Four Consciousness" to lay a solid foundation for political corruption. To continue in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, firmly establish political awareness, the overall sense of core consciousness, par consciousness, want to learn to mind, to implement the armed discipline, daily behavior, and effectively build a strong ideological line of defense to corruption. Two is to continue to further promote decentralization, efforts to promote clean government from the source. To further the "decentralization", "right" and "excellent service" efforts, continue to cancel the decentralization of a number of administrative examination and approval, to explore innovative new approval mode, formulate the basic norms of administrative examination and approval process of the provincial government to complete the "year two" list published work, completed the administrative service center County government. Three is firmly focused on key areas, continue to increase supervision. To further strengthen public funds, state-owned assets and public resource management, good management of land and mineral resources for approval, and strengthen the risk prevention. The four is to keep the style of construction, promote the establishment of long-term mechanism. To fully understand the style of the refractory and recurrent, with often grasping grasping grasping thin long requirements, the style of the building firmly in their hands, and the style of work, strict change style, serving the masses turn style, promote the normalization of style building, long-term. The five is to improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms, to promote honest and diligent. Establish and improve the implementation of the policy responsibility mechanism, incentive mechanism and normalization of supervision and accountability mechanisms, promote the formation of good atmosphere, be enthusiastic and press on entrepreneurship. Six layers of conduction pressure, promote the construction of clean government to the grassroots extension. To increase the downward pressure on the intensity of anti-corruption efforts, mark down, grasping the early catch small, clear breeding small fly soil.

Hao Peng stressed that the implementation of the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities is to further promote clean government and anti-corruption work;

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