Miracle the success of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau

Xining, won the title of National Forest City, the natural conditions of the Tibetan Plateau city, once again shocked the world, once again created a miracle!
"this kind of living a tree, is more difficult than to raise a child in the city, want to realize the forest city dream, too?" At the same time, there are a lot of people on the march into the forest city of Xining questioned, today, all questions become applause! As Xining people, we are very proud!

a year, two years, ten years, fifty years…… This dedication, embodies the people of Xining, and constantly struggle, firm and indomitable goupstream to good faith of good character. Now, in Xining, blowing a vibrant green. The gateway to the east of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau has become an oasis. And her "Sen" road, but also for the western plateau city set a wonderful model.

summer, people full of green in the summer street, a breath of fresh air, enjoy the cool breeze and the wind blowing pleasure! This is a

, located in the west of the forest city – Xining to provide people with a green life!

once, here the green regiment is very thin, congenitally deficient! The city’s average annual rainfall of only 380 mm, but the amount of evaporation of up to 1700 mm, drought and water shortage is an indisputable reality of this land. However, people’s desire for green is so strong! Municipal government and the determination of the masses to beautify their homes has never wavered! No matter how the municipal team changes, the concept of ecological city of green always uphold the concept of governance.

[action] after the founding of new China, especially in the last century since 90s, the previous municipal government attaches great importance to afforestation and greening work, has put forward";

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