Gao Xiaobing research work in the province stressed that the party and the government’s care to the

13 March

7, Vice Minister of civil affairs Gao Xiaobing line accompanied by Vice Governor Kuang Chung under investigation guidance in our province civil work, Qinghai public service facilities distribution information management system to check the site, visit condolences to the Civil Affairs Department staff and the convening of the forum.

in view of the Qinghai public service facilities distribution information management system, a detailed understanding of our province district public service facilities distribution after the Gao Xiaobing video connection with Guinan County Civil Affairs Bureau, a detailed understanding of the situation in July 9th in Guinan County flood disaster, charged Guinan County Civil Affairs Bureau must seize the time to verify the situation, the implementation of relief supplies. Go all out to ensure that the affected people living, maintain the local production and living order.

Gao Xiaobing to "12th Five-Year" since the Qinghai civil affairs made considerable progress affirmed. She stressed that the development of Qinghai civil affairs work cannot do without the Qinghai provincial government’s concern and support, the provincial government put forward the "small finance, livelihood" concept, with 75% annual financial input to the people’s livelihood, fully embodies the people attach great importance to the work. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Qinghai and Tibet autonomous region, close to natural disaster prone, weak economic foundation, high proportion of ethnic minorities, the poor population base, which requires the civil work of Qinghai, not only to fully improve the livelihood security work, but also with a high degree of political responsibility of the party and the government’s concern to the masses of the people, through the civil work, the people’s party and the government tightly together.


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