119 fire propaganda month kicked off

newspaper news (reporter Tang Rong) the afternoon of November 1st, the central square big stage people bursts of music, crowded, with art programs, but also opened the prelude to a series of activities in 2013 119 fire protection publicity in Xining city.

it is understood that in the twenty-third to 119 fire protection publicity on the occasion of the Xining fire brigade, with "· Chinese dream; love fire" as the main line, with "Qi Minzhi, Hui people as the starting point and end point, further innovative publicity, the 119 day extension of fire for fire awareness month, through a series of publicity to guide the community wide activities, actively participate in fire control work, and promote the socialization of fire prevention to a deeper level.

at the launch site, brilliant performances, superb fire skills attracted all the attention of the audience, applause, fire knowledge quiz is aroused the enthusiasm of the audience interaction, we have raised their hands to answer, constantly set off activity climax. In the event, the fire door manufacturers also live demonstration method for the identification of counterfeit fire doors, fire resistance test for qualified fire doors, through 15 minutes of alcohol spray combustion, the fire door is not burnt, the back still maintain normal temperature. According to reports, the fire doors formaldehyde free, high temperature resistance, no deformation, has also been recognized by the audience.


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