Special meeting on the reform of collective forest property right system held in Hua Lin Township D

9 on the morning of 4, Birch Forest Township Party committee and government organization of the township cadres, rural village cadres, the village Party branch secretary, director of the village committee, village accountant held birch township collective forest right system reform and rectification special meeting, the meeting chaired by the deputy mayor Comrade Shanhai government. On the meeting, leaders of the township was informed recently Hua Lin Xiang Lin changed the progress of work, work since the reform of collective forest right system in Hua Lin Xiang Hua Lin Xiang since the implementation, the township party committee, the government has paid much attention to the importance of this work, work has repeatedly stressed that the reform of collective forest rights, and asked the village "two committees" the members to complete the forestry reform, clear property right, the management right and implement the right of disposal and the protection of usufruct four work content, work responsibility truly implement the work effect.

is the birch township collective forest right system reform work to a higher level, and to the coming of the Lin Hua Lin Xiang changed inspection team submitted a satisfactory answer, combined with the birch forest Township actual, put forward some suggestions: the leaders of the township of is a known to the village to go home the popularity of birch forest tenure reform Township the system of the rate and satisfaction rate, do propaganda and combination of self-examination; two is clearly illiterate persons entrusted to ensure the right to safeguard the rights and interests of these special groups; three is , carefully check sorting delivery receipt, to ensure that every people can benefit.


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