Huangyuan regulate the tourism market thorough investigation of wolf products

recently, Huangyuan County Chengguan industrial and commercial Industrial and Commercial Bureau where to regulate the tourism market order, in addition to standardize the operation of tourism market operators in accordance with the law, norms, and thorough investigation of Langya wolf and other crafts and fake products sales, to further promote the healthy development of the tourism market, has laid a solid foundation for Huangyuan county to build in the ancient city of Dan 4A tourism scenic spot brand strategy.

it is understood that the industrial and commercial management measures specially printed area, guide the operator must operate in accordance with the law, in the business activities of civilized business, and asked not to buy and sell, Yicichonghao, yijiachongzhen, Quejinshaoliang, after guest cheating. To regulate the tourism commodity market order, establish and improve the food safety supervision mechanism, to further improve the food into the sales ledger, the implementation of market access and exit transaction, whole process supervision of scenic spots to ensure visitors food, eat at ease, buy at ease, comfortable use. With the management department of wild animal protection area of the stores ordered to name "Langya" tourist souvenirs, "Langya" name to sell crafts and imitations are correct, and the requirements of various types of fur shall not be sold in the name of wolf, leopard. Washington (correspondent Xu Zhuang)


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