Datong County Health and food and drug administration to carry out food and drug safety publicity

8 29 in the morning, the county health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau organized the county’s 45 large and medium-sized catering units, schools, enterprises and institutions canteens, 36 drug business units, 13 medical units responsible person at the meeting held in 2012 four floor of the county hospital room food and drug propaganda month and "civilized table" activities to create a mobilization meeting. Will the county health authority deputy director Comrade Li Changfa conveyed the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration "implementation plan" and "the spirit of the document of the city catering service industry to carry out activities to create a" civilized table "implementation plan" of the 2012 food and drug safety publicity activities. Combined with the actual situation of Datong County, the county health supervision, comrade Zhao Guorong arranged for the Datong County in 2012 food and drug safety awareness month and civilized table to create activities. Deputy Secretary of the county Party Committee Propaganda Department, the county committee of civilization Comrade Sun Jing from the civilized table to create the significance of the activities, specific practices, the target is expected to make a speech. Qiao Zhenhai, deputy director of the county health and food and Drug Administration on food and drug safety awareness month civilized table to create a specific job requirements.

9 at 9:30 on the morning of 1, the county health and food and drug administration staff held in Jingning square, Datong County National Drug Safety Month campaign launch ceremony". The campaign to use antibiotics as the theme, safe medication, healthy life slogan. County food and drug law enforcement units, the bridge area of drug companies, medical institutions a total of 28 units, more than 100 people attended the launching ceremony of the publicity. Promotional display layouts of 18 pieces, 16 hanging banners, distributing food and drug safety knowledge popularization publicity materials of more than 400 books, medical institutions for the masses to carry out on-site measurement of blood pressure, medical consultation clinic service. More than 1500 people to visit the scene of the Advisory activities.

in order to further increase the safety of food and drug propaganda, the county bureau is still a prime time television broadcast of food and drug safety publicity slogans, and established by the Department of agriculture and animal husbandry nongxintong and the Department of health drug unit Fetion mobile information platform, the use of units to send food and drug safety knowledge publicity information to mobile phone users and drug business. The head area of medicines business units and medical institutions in the waiting room door, striking position with electronic screen scrolling publicity information, prelude to Datong County food and drug propaganda activities started this month.  

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