How to start a self service car wash shop

many people now are car owners, but also to the relevant industry development is very good, the car industry is one of them, now launched self-service car wash, car wash not only saves human resources, but also to bring customers more convenient washing service, popular modern consumer advocate simple life. Today, more and more self-service car wash, the market presents a prosperous development.

car wash equipment according to the maintenance of the unique design and manufacture of car wash, with less water, high speed, fog, water, temperature, environmental protection and other characteristics. Even in the north, the winter cold, dust and dust serious cities, car wash the same effect.

self-service car wash to provide intimate service, the owners do not have to spend time to arrange the car wash. How about a self-service car wash? The cost is much lower than the traditional car wash shop to provide high quality and low price service for the owners.

The working principle of

, the gun will wipe free car wash foam painting car body, use water cannons to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and decontamination of the car, the whole process without manual cleaning, the owner can be self completed.

self-service car wash shop project features

1. micro water washing, water protection; avoid wiping the whole car foam, in vehicle is bright and clean as new.

2. self-help can wash, convenient and quick.

3. unattended and manual operation, affordable.

4. no store, not subject to site constraints, water and electricity can be a pass.

5. car wash, advertising as a whole.

6. coin, credit card double billing functions, prepaid card nationwide.

7. faster, 10 minute car wash.

8. more affordable, traditional car wash 1/5 price.

9. maintenance cost is low, the maintenance cost of a device is only 200 yuan a year.

car wash this way more novel, but also more convenient, once launched to get everyone’s favorite, is definitely a good investment projects. How to start a self-service car wash shop? Look at the above characteristics of the project will know. The first self-service car wash is to save money save effort, secondly for the operator, it is good choice for consumers, so it is conducive to double service. Open a self-service car wash shop, naturally make good.

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