North of the city to take effective measures to do a good job in winter and spring fire prevention w

The day before, this year’s drought situation, characteristics of fire situation is grim, in order to effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire accidents, ensure the safety of people’s life and property, to take effective measures to do a solid job in Chengbei District, this winter and spring fire prevention work.

to strengthen good winter fire prevention work of the sense of responsibility and urgency. North District strictly implement the responsibility system, the scientific evaluation of the area of fire situation, formulate specific measures to strengthen the organization and leadership of the preventive measures and work, to achieve "a" overall responsibility, leaders in charge of specific and responsible departments, make concerted efforts to strictly implement the responsibility system. Solid fire safety grid, household management work, the implementation of fire safety management responsibilities, building fire facilities maintenance, fire safety self assessment, the three report filing system". Organize towns and streets to carry out inspections of fire prevention and inspection, to maintain the smooth flow of fire exits.

and strengthen the duty to prepare, do the fire fighting and rescue preparations, formulate and improve all kinds of fire emergency rescue plan, establish and improve the emergency handling mechanism, carry out winter training activities to strengthen the field with exercise, strengthen combat readiness and equipment maintenance, strengthen the first response. Strengthen cooperation with the medical, water supply, electricity supply, meteorology and other departments, to make full preparations for the winter fire emergency rescue.  

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