Look back wonderful 2012 set sail for 2013

2012· force Qinghai

about development of

development is not the biggest province of Qinghai, accelerate the development of Qinghai is the key to solve all problems.

over the past 5 years is the fastest growing development of the province, the best quality of development, people get the most affordable period. Sum up the experience of development, boil down to one thing, that is, we continue to explore a less developed areas to practice the success of Scientific Outlook on Development road.

to promote the "three zone" strategy, the pace of development is to realize sonorous; "two new" development goals, how to clear. Let the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai live a happier and better life, in the final analysis, we must rely on the sound and rapid economic and social development. We should base ourselves on reality and innovation; we must improve our style of work and strive for it; we should cherish the opportunity and make the best use of it; we must maintain stability and work together; we must uphold the spirit of the people and work for them. Only in this way, the development of Qinghai, synchronous well-off, can point the day and await for it; the period of.

sun shuttle, seize the day. For the development of today’s Qinghai people vision, clear thinking, full of confidence, towering momentum.

small and micro enterprises: the real protagonist

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60 cadres helping

said this year Qinghai economy highlights the work of small and micro enterprises, definitely worth write a great deal about. And do not say this is the Ministry of industry and information technology to determine the Small and micro businesses service ", is our province in 2012 on the introduction of the 60 policy measures to support the development of small and micro enterprises and the great in strength and impetus thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" hundred days of action let in Small and micro businesses to the front and become a real hero".

March 2012, the 60 once introduced, it has become the focus of attention of the economic community, causing great repercussions and widespread concern. The specific contents and details clear and wide coverage, strong operability, covering to further increase financial support, the implementation of tax preferential policies, effectively alleviate the financing problems, and enhance the ability to open up the market, and actively promote the government procurement policy, to speed up the public service platform construction, strengthen the protection of human resources in ten aspects such as "gold silver", is considered to be an important contributor to the development of our province Small and micro businesses came into a new space.

in late July, the provincial Party committee and provincial government size up the situation, decided to face the province’s small and micro enterprises in the province to carry out thousands of cadres to help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment activities. Helping object activities for small and micro enterprises, key industry, animal husbandry and fishery, construction, wholesale, retail, transportation, warehousing, accommodation, catering, real estate development, property management, leasing and business services, for a period of 100 days. Ten thousand cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment activities, is the embodiment of the implementation of the twelfth provincial Party Congress, but also to further change the style of organs, optimize the specific environment for enterprise development;

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