Happy and auspicious wishes of the new year

1 29, the Lunar New Year’s day, Xining City, the new south of the Hoh Xil International Hotel Plaza on the crowded, bustling. From various regions of our province more than 1000 Mongolian compatriots dressed in colorful national costumes, holding hada, to celebrate the Xining area the first Mongolian compatriots sacrificial fire ceremony and Chinese New Year gathering.

"check dry day", Mongolian, Mongolian traditional festival, is the biggest festival of the year, equivalent to the Han Chinese new year, also known as "white moon". The sacrifice of fire is one of the most ancient sacrificial activities of the Mongols. The Mongols worship the fire and always use fire as the symbol of life, wealth, power and prosperity. Sacrifice to meet the "white moon", to greet the arrival of the Spring Festival, the meaning of the flames of burning Wang symbolize all good wishes.

fire worship ceremony, everyone wrapped wine, milk, colored silk into the burning flame, chanting sacrificial fire message, meaning the new year good weather, thriving and prosperous, happy and healthy.

Ga Baoying, vice president of the Mongolian Association of

Province, said: "today, we are getting better and better the Mongolian people of the Tibetan plateau. We specifically to the Mongolian people around the country, the hometown of the father of the Pro Pro Pro year, bringing our greetings, to take the ‘dry day’ blessing."

fire is one of the Mongolian traditional cultural activities, organized the event, but also to the heritage of the Mongolian traditional culture of Qinghai, Qinghai Mongolian customs.

Fire Festival after the ceremony, we came to the party hall, chairman of Taiwan have already been prepared. A desk with a delicacy, melodious floating in the hall, exudes a thick festive atmosphere……

"the vast grassland, dash, cold earth, running with the heat of life……" One song after another, on the grassland people express the blessing with song, the audience applause and laughter; in the long unrestrained Mongolian Dance and long, gathering at the hall now singing, now dancing warm atmosphere. We use the check dry day blessing to the elders presented hada, new year, send each other New Year greetings and good wishes.


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