How to join the dessert

if you are interested in joining the dessert, Xiao Bian here to recommend you a good dessert brand project, dessert. So, how to join this dessert? This brand good? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

, Haishu, under the Ningbo dessert Catering Management Service Co. Ltd., is a production and sales company based desserts. Since 2006 the establishment of "in the city of Ningbo Stadium Road, dessert, a family from the early development of dessert shop to join dessert now, have direct and stores a total of 28 stores, and continues to expand. "To dessert" by the local customers especially the young generation of love, more access to many foreign tourists are attracted to taste, and get the praise and appreciation. Today, the "dessert," has been well received by the customer favorite and respected brand dessert.

, dessert all raw materials are used domestic high-quality ingredients, no food additives, sophisticated materials and unique ingredients, elegant and beautiful appearance, taste pure flavor, to adapt to different people, to create a healthy nutrition life, relying on the international first-class baking technology, provide a rich products for customers and consumers. Time to dessert fresh, rich products, bread, cake, hot and cold drinks, ice cream, dessert, DIY production, as many as 300 kinds of products, all kinds of.

, dessert join advantage:

1, dessert to provide free technical training, does not include the cost of accommodation, training in the process of transportation, does not contain the new varieties of late development, such as the need to add new varieties, provide technical training.

2, which is provided free of charge to join the dessert: bread machine and supporting a set of tools, two sets of uniforms, badges 2, 1000 copies of packing paper, menu 2.

3, free of charge to provide guidance for the design of the store decoration, life-long free promotional design.

4, franchise business process, provide high quality based crepe flour, chocolate sauce, canned food, jam, overalls, wrapping paper.

5, to dessert headquarters to provide management experience, including staff management system, operating procedures, operating statements, raw material inventory management report.

can be seen, the dessert is a good brand investment, if you want to further understand the brand, please give us a message on our website below, see the message after the first time we will reply to you.

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