Tianjin pollution control measures for pollution source to all

serious environmental pollution is a threat to our health. In order to protect the health of our homes, we have launched a series of measures to prevent pollution! With the air pollution control grid in Tianjin city comprehensive information platform is built, the city’s 16 District, Haihe Education Park and 22 bureaus and 39 members of the unit to achieve interconnection, air pollution prevention and control of information sharing. The air pollution control "grid" in Tianjin, the city’s 16 districts delineated 1 grids 33, two grids 200, three grids 2041, four grids 5718, to small counties, to the community, to achieve coverage.

Han Lijun is a member of the Nankai District dragon Binyuan neighborhood of Tianjin city

is the number of grid in the inspector, she needs inspections in the jurisdiction of the community every day, once found acts of destruction of the ecological environment, she will be filmed using a mobile phone through the urban management of mobile terminal first time report area command platform. The establishment of digital management platform is the key to the effectiveness of grid management.

in accordance with the provisions of the grid patrol every day to find a unified report to the management platform. Management platform according to the type of problem unified dispatch, centralized disposal. Air pollution problems involved in any department, on the platform through the task, immediately do the corresponding rectification. The work of air pollution prevention and control by the professional sector, to the community, grassroots extension. Eyes wider, deeper ears, improve the efficiency of government pollution control.

in the past, however, the District, various departments of the business management information system management of different elements, information can not be shared, like an island of information. Dust supervision, construction department is responsible for monitoring the construction site, the housing department is responsible for monitoring the demolition site, the environmental protection department is responsible for monitoring industrial yard, all departments have their own different duty system, multi dragon flood actually difficult to work together.

integrated information platform on the grid, District, Department of construction business system on the prevention of air pollution to a unified, so as to achieve the city’s fresh air operations division headquarters of 39 members of the unit of information sharing and docking platform, to achieve a variety of management functions. Just less than a year’s time, the integrated information platform has been integrated 53 types of atmospheric data resources, the amount of information has risen to 160 million.


implementation of Tianjin governance measures of pollution, pollution sources in the future will make no escape, let us live in a health guarantee under the blue sky! Now, in Tianjin the coverage of the "grid", can click on any changes one way to view AQI; click on any point can change PM2.5 monitoring data, see PM10; click a motor vehicle inspection station, can view the cumulative amount of vehicle detection data, click on the video recommendation

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