Jiangsu province will support and guide the return to the countryside personnel innovation and Entre

for innovation and entrepreneurship, and now all over the country have a very favorable government policy, but also to support. Reporters from the December 22nd Meeting of the province’s support to the countryside home staff innovative work video meeting was informed that the Jiangsu province will support and guide the return to the countryside personnel lead the founder of new agricultural business entities, the development of modern agricultural parks and other key industries, to the platform for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Jiangsu Provincial Agriculture Commission Director Wu Peiliang introduced, the higher their quality to return the most qualified personnel, to become the new farmers in the new subject, should strengthen the guidance and support of farmers, they quickly become the new occupation of new business entities, to play a better role in the process of agricultural modernization. Encourage people to return to the countryside and the existing types of new agricultural subjects, etc., to strengthen the joint and cooperation, the formation of innovative teams, the construction of industrial alliances, Baotuan development, improve the level of organization.

give play to the concept of returning to the countryside, technology, capital and other advantages, to join the agricultural restructuring of key industries. To encourage and support the development of key industries around the countryside returning personnel, engaged in the scale of industrial base, production and living services, processing of agricultural products, brand creation, online marketing, creative leisure, promote the whole industry chain, value chain, innovation and development, is playing a leading role in the construction of modern agriculture.

at present, Jiangsu province has 17 national modern agriculture demonstration zone, 112 provincial modern agriculture industrial park, 50 agricultural products processing zone, there are a number of leisure agriculture, rural e-commerce, agricultural industry and other national and provincial level development platform, to vigorously guide home to the countryside is preferred to the platform development focus, resources, promote cluster development.

in order to promote the progress of local entrepreneurship, and now all over the government in succession, thus helping many entrepreneurs to achieve their dream of entrepreneurship. And under the support of such a great effort, will allow Jiangsu to return home to the people of the cause of entrepreneurship to get a better development of the hot, thus contributing to the cause of the prosperity of the entire province of Jiangsu.

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