Chongqing eight string how Wang casserole

Chongqing food so much, I do not know how much you eat? Today Xiaobian do not say Chongqing hot pot, not to mention Chongqing noodles, only recommend a good reputation of the public good eight Chongqing casserole. So this eight Chongqing Wang casserole string brand how? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

Chongqing eight Wang casserole string is the name of the Chongqing Wang Food Culture Co., Ltd., the headquarters of the company from 2008 to set up a formal entry into the field of Chongqing hot pot chain operations. The spirit of " integrity, pragmatic and innovative business philosophy, service " eight. Chongqing Chuanchuan Xiang Wang Ge was founded in 2002, is a professional home garden – Beibei Chuanchuan Xiang Hot pot District of Chongqing City, has a history of twelve years, Chongqing will be built around the China Wang Ge eight string of popular Hot pot fast-food brands. "Customer satisfaction" as the highest standards, and strive to achieve the China Hot pot fast-food franchise trustworthy brand ".

for more than and 10 years, Chongqing eight Wang casserole string to become a shining star in Chongqing Hot pot of the fast food industry, brand a lot of advantages: eight Wang Chuanchuan Xiang produced Hot pot bottom material "all one-time non additive Hot pot bottom material, and the production of advanced packaging technology, can withstand any test, allow consumers to eat rest assured. At the same time, "eight Wang" trademark has been registered in the State Administration of trademark.

"eight Wang Xing Xiang hot pot" because of its safe and secure without additives bottom material, low consumption and beautiful taste and deeply loved by all kinds of people, the crowd is very broad. Eight Wang chain spicy hot pot zero fee, does not require the size of the store, not forced to join the company in accordance with the requirements of the company’s decoration, greatly reducing the franchisee’s initial investment, so that franchisees can get a higher return. The company has professional operation guidance team, has established a special franchisee exchange group, to provide rapid and comprehensive support for the franchisee Follow-Up Services according to different situations in different places, to solve the problem of the franchisee, the franchisee to eliminate the menace from the rear.

is now eight Chongqing Wang casserole string, each string are delicious, and the headquarters to take the popular consumption patterns and business strategy, you can take a variety of ways to operate flexible. The company is also designed to join the dealer to create rebates and promotion system, online shopping mall and other channels for the franchisee to provide a profitable way to reduce barriers to entry, to resolve the franchisee’s market risk.

good taste to attract the attention of consumers, Chongqing eight Wang casserole string, each string is the headquarters are good, after years of development, has its own secret recipe, know how to seize the public tastes, and the project management is simple, Chongqing opened a eight Wang sand pot strings franchise headquarters a variety of franchise support, after the shop more regular on-site training, this is the business that


above is eight to Chongqing Wang Sha >

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