Zhengzhou City a number of initiatives to support migrant workers entrepreneurship

due to the particularity of China’s national conditions, resulting in China has a very large number of farmers, this part of the population should be how to create the future, which is the current concern of the government. Migrant workers to set up venture capital funds to return home to start a business can take the green channel, return home venture and investment projects equal treatment…… Recently, Zhengzhou city issued "to support migrant workers entrepreneurship implementation opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to meet the conditions of migrant workers, giving a maximum of $200 thousand in venture loans. By 2020, and strive to pay 300 million yuan per year of migrant workers venture guarantee loans.

the "opinions" provisions on business partnership or organization of migrant workers employment management organization and company + farmers, agricultural cooperatives, the highest per person is not more than 200 thousand yuan, the total does not exceed 1 million yuan commonly given business loans. To meet the conditions of labor-intensive small and micro enterprises, can be given up to no more than 2 million yuan of venture capital loans.

in terms of entrepreneurship policy system, for their own business, to obtain business licenses and the normal operation of more than 3 months of poor family labor, giving a one-time subsidy of $8000 venture. Zhengzhou will also cancel the migrant workers out of work to prove that migrant workers in the venture can enjoy all the policies of migrant workers return home to support entrepreneurship.

in addition to a variety of funds above subsidies, Zhengzhou will improve the service system, so that migrant workers have better entrepreneurial services. "Opinions" also requires that by 2020, the city level and county (city) to set up comprehensive public service center or migrant workers migrant workers entrepreneurship comprehensive public service center, opened Easy Access of migrant workers’ entrepreneurship, registration, policy consulting, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship training, social insurance continuation and preferential policies of "one station" service.

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