Do business to be able to take the initiative

a lot of time, the store’s business can do hot up, often a problem. So, if you want to let the shop business is hot, but also need to be able to take the initiative, this will help the development of the store. Therefore, the business should be able to take advantage of oh.

do business like chess, if you can take the initiative, then the probability of winning will be greater. Business opportunities everywhere, such as the price of a lot of goods are unstable, and sometimes up and sometimes fall, in the process of change there are two opportunities.

usually receive notice that the price increases, I will sell the original price for a period of time. And other consumers asked: is not the price of it? Why don’t you go up here?" Then began to rise. Prices than others, has been the first step to win the favor of customers.

and said in a notice that the price, I immediately cut prices, even if the price of goods before the high price to be sold after the price. Price earlier than others, you can get the first step by the customer’s recognition, give them a "cheap goods store," a good impression.

if anything is a step slow, causing resentment of the customer, so also want to let the store business development, I am afraid will face a very big difficulty. The purpose of the initiative is to win more customers, only more customers, we can get more profits. So, if you want to succeed in business, you need a lot of opportunities oh.

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