DQ ice cream to join the project why good

DQ ice cream market prospect is good, not only because it has a lot of choices for consumers to taste, and because of the brand strength, in order to ensure they get good position in the huge market competition. International brand advantage, world-renowned. So what are the advantages of this brand please look at the following details:

The development team of

class: site training, assist the evaluation to confirm the location of real estate contract negotiation skills counseling

unified procurement and distribution: raw materials unified procurement and distribution, strict implementation of quality management and cost control materials

strict quality control R & D: regular new product development and promotion, more stringent food safety management system

excellent marketing planning: professional marketing team, a variety of planning activities and media advertising support

comprehensive training system: provide DQ’s operating standards manual and other related training materials, ongoing operations and management training

strong operational management: a sound operational management system, efficient operation team, to help franchisees to store operations management

professional financial advice: can provide financial, tax, accreditation and other professional issues, and can be assisted

efficient IT system: a sophisticated IT technology team to provide store order and operational management system support

of course, the above is just a brief introduction to DQ ice cream, if you want to know more about the brand information, please leave a message below our website.

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