Commitment can reduce customer churn

for any shop owner, the store will be more and more customers, however, if there is a problem in the operation, it is easy to cause the loss of customers. The ancients said: credibility is gold, the letter is good. For people who do business in the shop, the credibility of the business, only to keep their promise, when it comes to the people to win the praise and recognition of the customer, the store in order to ultimately get long-term benefits.

when I was young, working in a supply of Iron Town, an old Xu master where I was in the cabinet, because of his customers good service attitude, he led the group monthly sales over the completion of the task, so the master Xu was elected every year in the county labor model. In an exchange of experience, Xu master told the story, so I still remember.

has a China students encountered such a thing: when he first came to Japan, with twenty thousand yen in Kyoto in a shop to buy a color TV, go back and found quality problems, so the students to store a phone call. Hang up the phone soon, the store came to the staff, in recognition of the quality of the TV is a problem, the staff immediately to the Japanese students salute, and said: "excuse me, immediately for you to change a."

in the retail store, the manager readily said: "please choose one, but must be more care!" The students did not choose the price is much higher than the original color TV sets, politely chose a 6.3 yen color tv. So, smart Japanese businessmen to more than 40 thousand yen price, to avoid damage to corporate reputation. Xu Master said: as a business worker, it should be regarded as the sole corporate reputation of life."

the past more than and 20 years, and now I have their own shops, I always remember the master Xu, business to follow the "integrity management, customer first" purpose of sincere hospitality, fair trade shop. In the process of the shop business, inevitably and customers of every hue, can often hear some customers on the quality of the product or service to complain, in the face of these complaints, I can treat honest, calmly.

remember one summer, a neighbor to the store to buy cigarettes, when I handed him his usual love sign, he has said to me: "this time you still give me a sign, I have a box of cigarettes yesterday that you sold my taste right." He didn’t come to my store for a couple of days. Although my cigarette products are regular purchase channels, but I also guarantee genuine goods at a fair price, and not the neighbor words as like water off a duck’s back.

later, after I carefully check again, because I found the warehouse leaks, a stack of cigarette bubble water failed to dry, three or four cigarette bottom has appeared damp, mildew,.

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