Car to join the project to know the top five brands

car joined the project in the market concern, and now there are many businesses want to get a lot of information about the industry to get rich, ready for their investment. Car to join the project recommended, small series before the choice of five popular brands, we want to help entrepreneurs.

A, cars will

two, Youju Kaku

Youju Kaku is a professional automotive service brand of Beijing. China’s science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. and Beijing excellent car Kaku automobile service chain company limited under the.

it to quality products, exquisite technology and fine service based on humanity oriented way to join, mutual benefit and win-win as the ultimate goal, and the franchisee to build the first brand of car service.

The most comprehensive level Storefront for

three, the prince riding car beauty

cheqishi auto service chain was founded in 2006, is a car service innovation source, brand oriented automobile special services, specializing in the field of automotive after market service model and practical technology research, development, application, promotion and management.


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