A fifty store porridge porridge Lin Unlimited Business Opportunities

in modern times, many people are beginning to pay attention to health, a porridge porridge to join headquarters to see the health delicacy market opportunities, adhere to quality, continuously improve the taste, close to the consumer demand, now a brand of porridge porridge, visibility is high, but also won the trust of many entrepreneurs.

for the development of Chinese fast food to create greater value to society, Henan poly German Restaurant Management Co. to keep pace with the times, innovation, successful experience in catering industry at home and abroad at the same time, set 100 long, plastic brand effect, depending on the form of chain operation, fast forward.

porridge porridge five spirit: self-improvement, struggle more than


five values: a porridge porridge as the pond and the netting; applying to bread as delegate to the


a five business philosophy: porridge porridge hunger breeds discontentment, food to clean first. Integrity, beyond, happy, share!

porridge porridge five strategic objectives: to become the most influential brand of Chinese fast food industry. Management concept: shaping the success of employees, the success of enterprise success.

service tenet: customer feedback, from the customer needs. Quality concept: attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection.

porridge porridge five brand culture:

1, a well-known brand in the industry, rich fast food culture, sitting to enjoy the high profit margins of cloning wealth;

2, a successful business model, mature franchise system, access to modern advanced management and services;

3, strong support efforts to ease the geographical market. Reduce investment risk:

4, bright and practical characteristics, the price advantage of porridge, in the competition in an invincible position guarantee;

5, a wide range of human resources, the system of supervision and publicity, to ensure the sustained and healthy development of the franchise.

6, unified training, unified technical manuals, unified material supply, stable quality, reduce cost and save manpower.

in modern people’s life, the position has been very strong porridge porridge, a delicious porridge, porridge porridge can join a choice of business success to open the doors of the rich, is really a porridge porridge to get rich good business opportunities, worthy of trust.

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