Fruit shop where to make money

delicious fruit is that we often eat, the choice of business is very good, a lot of people in the business when they are considered open fruit shop, fruit shop and shop are the same, they and other shops are not the same, the fruit preservation cycle is short, if it does not sell in a certain period of time in the fruit rots, don’t sell, it will appear different degree of loss, it shows the importance of the location of the shop, the store address is elected, will make you more effective, every day to sell well. Then we talk about the fruit shop in the most profitable place?

residential, living area of the store

community shops will become one of the largest potential fruit store types of shops, which has formed a consensus in the fruit industry. Generally speaking, the scope of the fruit store sales activities usually have a certain geographical boundaries, because the community is relatively fixed. Choose the community shops is the basis for the reasonable location of the fruit shop, it is helpful to the development of business strategy, business strategy can be successfully used to lay a solid foundation for improving fruit shop, store image, create and promote specific customer needs, establish a mutual trust relationship with customers. To do business in the hearts of customers, so that they are willing to become repeat customers, which is the root of the community fruit shop business strategy.

business district, street shops

is the most prosperous not necessarily the best, Wang Pu the words often appear in the commercial street, Wang Pu is flourishing, because it has a large flow of people, but few fruit store will open in this place, because the local rental prices too high to be reached, the risk will increase accordingly. And such a good location, the location of the so-called good shop, the price has often been lifted to a high price range, if blindly into the market, there may be a lot of risk. But you can choose a larger flow of people on the street shops, in order to make money, the investigation should not be sloppy shop location.

stalls in shopping malls and supermarkets

supermarket is often accompanied by a living area and has a natural advantage gathered popularity. Many supermarkets will stall the fruit of foreign investment in the way of operating, operating in the supermarket fruit counter than the independent shops, the cost is low, flexible operation, so the risk is lower. However, the supermarket fruit counter is dependent on the supermarket and produced, so the supermarket will have a direct impact on the quality of supermarket fruit counters profit. Therefore, the choice of the strength of the supermarket operators or has established a good reputation of the supermarket, will play a multiplier effect.

no matter what the industry, the location is very important, if you do not know how the location of words, believe that after watching a small series of description, you understand, fruit shop to open the site must learn to have, visit the site surrounding the market environment and the flow of people, again recommended

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