For college students entrepreneurship Wuhai government actively introduced policies to help

now all over the country are actively advocating and practicing the public entrepreneurship, innovation, the concept of college students also ushered in a very good business opportunities, local governments have introduced policies to help support. The following is the Wuhai municipal government policy support for college students to take the initiative to see details.

one can’t make bricks without straw. After graduating from college in 2014 to identify the temperature Yajun business objectives, can the problems of funds. Is a conundrum, government subsidized loans to help him solve as pressing danger.

"disc shop, purchase of goods, buy equipment, there is no liquidity. At that time, looking at the goods can not be opened shop, especially in the heart. When I was free to participate in SYB entrepreneurship training, I got a good news – the government will provide me with a 300 thousand yuan discount loan. 300 thousand yuan loans like a ‘timely rain’, to help me successfully buy equipment, but also the flow of funds. Now my shop runs smoothly, thanks to the government for our college students to provide policy help." Said Wen Yajun excitedly.

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