Cat feces coffee franchise brand

presumably everyone must have heard of the cat feces coffee this feature coffee brand to join the project. Many investors want to know the brand, then the following small series on the brand through the introduction of questions and answers to help you understand the coffee brand.

a, what is joining gold?


refers to join gold company will grant the franchisee franchise charge when the period, the basic expenses, it usually reflects the franchisee owned brands, patents, proprietary technology, business model, goodwill and other intangible assets value. This is the choice of a brand access threshold to the rental period of the store shall prevail, a one-time charge, no need to pay renewal. After joining, the company will provide free staff training, cadre training, business counseling, marketing and other services.

two, what is the margin?

A: also known as a performance bond, to ensure that the franchisee strictly fulfill the franchise contract, maintaining the franchise brand reputation, asked to join the one-time cost of delivery of the franchisee, as long as the concession period did not damage the brand image, breach of contract and arrears, to ensure the brand gold termination in without any interest to the franchisee.

three, what is royalties?

answer: refers to the use of franchise should be paid for the continuing costs, monthly payment. This is a close combination of interests of the company and the franchisee, is the basis for sustainable development of the company to maintain the brand. Depreciation and amortization shall not be included in the calculation of accruals.

four, how to join the model


a. franchise. Join the business to raise the cost of all the shops, franchisee business management, headquarters is responsible for the guidance of the franchisee business model according to the headquarters and business rules management. Headquarters to provide uniform decoration design, personnel training, technology, raw materials and assist in the opening of the store, the store must accept regular supervision of the headquarters.

cat feces coffee ask

five, choose the shop

what are the requirements?

answer: 1, location location should Wong Street, the shopping center in the city commercial (SHOPPING MALL), centralized office or high-grade residential group;

2, the location of the area should be the most effective business area of 150–350 square meters, has a good display surface (sign advertising), the best location on the first floor;

3, need to do a detailed assessment of site feasibility, including effective flow of people, the level of consumption around

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