80 after the opening of the beauty shop to challenge the traditional retail business

is now online business is booming, fashion buyers this industry was growing up, many young people are engaged in this occupation, and a 80 woman simply opened up a store buyers to venture, opened up a new way of business.

2014 in March, the Guangzhou purchase, Zheng Xiaobai, gray hair is sticking to the side, is holding hands just to Amoy clothes carefully check "this is the big goods?" "yes!" the shopkeeper answered very simply.

this requires very understanding of the market, of the operation of this industry is very skilled, will have a good return answers on what kind of goods. Therefore, a good buyer must be an expert in this industry.

knife and garment industry

however many years ago Zheng Xiaobai was not so sophisticated.

2013 years, white in the apparel industry for fifth years, she decided not to work for others, their own venture out.

the beginning, white 17 hours a day in the flutter in the work. From dawn to dusk, burning the midnight oil that was a common thing. Once, in the course of the thirteen purchase of a batch of shoes, white found the supplier to provide the shoes with the sample before the look is not the same. In other words, the supplier is in the display of goods used in the sample, and in the delivery of goods used in the bulk.

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