What are the types of shop names

walking in the streets, we can see all kinds of shop names, some with the name of the owner, and some are using homophonic way, while others are with the name of a number of names. In short, a lot of type name stores, shopkeepers only find really suitable for their own, this name is really right. So, what kind of shop name? Let Xiaobian for your analysis.


shop names such as the name of the owner or the owner’s family name. As can be seen everywhere in "Li food" and "yingzi grocery", although the lack of effectiveness of the eye-catching, but plain but also has its own simple kind. There are also the unique able to perform wonders, such as Zhejiang Road, Yuen gaolaozhuang shoe store, the owner of a high old man cleverly borrowed the name "journey to the west" for having heard it many times as the shop name, which suits the identity, and easy to remember.

homophonic type:

the shop name clever use of homophones make people smile, such as "Brown Nan Hai", "new society", "food taste" and "cool kids" etc.. In order to attract the attention of customers, the owner can be well intentioned. However, this kind of store name not all customers buy. Such as Chongqing, Zhongshan four road, a taste of the hot pot shop, due to the homonym Pesticide Dichlorvos, it caused a lot of public resentment. Therefore, the name of this kind of shop is mainly applicable to the target population for the new acceptance of the new brand is relatively high young people’s shop.

by name:

business fashion store, popular film and television works are often used, such as spicy love soup, meteor garden, Be There Or Be Square etc……. An operating jade jewelry chain stores, independent, from "a dream of Red Mansions" borrowed "stone" as the shop name, which suits the management of goods, chic and simple. In the same way, there is a Wuchang South Road operating a bamboo charcoal products store, sell charcoal Weng, named after Bai Juyi poetry, impressive. The door with a statue of charcoal to sell the statue, but also to bring a lot of popularity shop.

ridicule type:

simple casual shop name inadvertently ridicule, often refreshing. Such as a "casual" clothing store, impressive. The shop owner said that the name of the shop is no special meaning, just for fun. However, the people often say this sentence as a sign, inadvertently revealing novelty, people suddenly remembered the shop name. "When a restaurant", "wrong door snacks" people want to go on a swing, when "and" wrong door "? Is a leisure teahouse Shanghai across from the library directly, is called "come", from time to time to call past the crowd.

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