WeChat selling fast food really can make money

Since the rapid spread of WeChat

, it is no longer just a tool for people to communicate, but also become a tool for investors to get rich. WeChat through the sale of the product line is extremely rich, which is naturally a lot of fast food investors will choose a. So, WeChat sell fast food really can make money?

WeChat fast food is simply a wide range of radiation within the scope of the production of fast food studio to do takeout lunch box, and then by the distribution points will be sent to the hands of fast food customers.

is now in many areas, schools, business areas are present. They advertised their cheap, convenient contact, clean and hygienic, to ensure that the service within half an hour, did win the favor of many customers.

but in fact, this seemingly strong market demand for good projects is not good operation. Really can hold on for half a year and do not stop to rectify even transfer, close the shop is only a few.

at present, the fast-food industry has ended the era of profiteering, net profit of less than 10%. WeChat fast food is no exception, in order to increase profitability, can only hope to save the cost of assembly line operations, efforts to reduce labor costs. But the problem is that these two kinds of costs which are difficult to drop, unless Jerry, but once Jerry will quickly perish.

WeChat fast food restaurant is a basic way of life, must pay high delivery costs. In the cost structure, distribution costs accounted for 25% of the 35%, and with the increasing labor cost, especially to send food, is the best hormone sizzling fast food business, WeChat is also the biggest stumbling block down fast food.

In addition to

, low customer loyalty, style and price positioning are difficult problems. Customers expect more dishes, and for fast food restaurants, the three different dishes must be a lot more expensive than the same price of the same dish for the same time as the same time as the first time to cook the same dish for three.

in the current era of entrepreneurship, almost all industries want to easily earn huge profits are unlikely. Under the background of profit, want to make big money is unlikely, and even may cause the failure of the court. WeChat selling fast food although feasible, but want to make money but also faces no small difficulty.

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