Open the piano line to pay attention to what three points

as a result of people’s economic conditions are good, and secondly because of the quality of education in the proportion of children’s education as a whole is getting higher and higher, so that the opening of the house instead of a lot of people have become the choice. However, if you want to successfully open a home, there are more things we need to pay attention to. And here, Xiaobian to introduce three points to open the piano line needs to pay attention to the content.

first, it should be the market. How many local piano. You have to open the location of whether there is a piano, piano competition between the lines is a very serious thing. Is there a school of music or art schools in the area.

second points, to find the teacher, then, most of them are required to graduate from the school of music, a good name, and to ensure the quality of the technical level of two to ensure! Teacher salaries, each region is not the same, mostly in accordance with the students, the proportion of tuition fees. There is one of the ways to sell musical instruments, but also the main way is through the teacher to bring students to buy your musical instruments, so how much to sell musical instruments, to consider their own.

third points, into the musical aspects, and some are from the manufacturers into, most of the sales agent is only, not to buy it, and then you sell! There is a wholesale market purchase.

business has a lot of attention, after all, now the major market competition is extremely fierce, if you want to succeed in business, naturally need to be careful everywhere. So, if you open the piano line, the above three points introduced by small, you will pay attention to it?

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