Some fantastic ideas

in fact everyone’s brains have a few absurd ideas, but few people put them into practice, I do not know some successful people to seize these opportunities, the achievements of their beautiful life.

"pet rock"

miracle: Gary · Dahl rich: estimated income this year accounted for $15 million

like real pets, "pet rock" in a paper box by a pet, pet training guide. In order to ensure the "pet stone" comfortable, the box is also placed in straw, with vents. Each pet stone price $3.95, net profit of $3. Only the first half of the first half of the market, pet stone will bring Dahl $15 million revenue.


miracle: Bernard · rich, Murray Payne and Spain brothers ·   estimated profit: $50 million

"smiley" now everywhere, often appear in the pattern in the supermarket or hotel plastic bags, or made badges hanging in the backpack, bring a good mood for the people.

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