Chinese philosophy town is about to settle in Chengdu

in our country, many provinces and cities have a number of well-known small town, some of the scenery and pleasant by the attention of tourists, some small towns have a strong cultural connotation, to bring people spiritual influence. Is located in Chengdu city Jintang County Wufeng town recently attracted the attention of the public, "small town" China philosophy will be settled here.

is located in Jintang, He Lin’s former residence next to a "dialogue between the East and west" sculpture, the "father of the East," the portrayal of the life of Hagel.

now, this kind of "East and west" cultural exchange from philosophical studies, to industrial cooperation. Yesterday, the Sino German cultural exchange demonstration park project promotion will be held in Chengdu, which is the first large-scale Sino German cooperation in cultural tourism projects in Chengdu, but also a small area of Chinese philosophy, an important area. The reporter learned from the promotion conference, "small town" China philosophy located in Chengdu Jintang County Wufeng Town, the first phase of the project site to get the intention of 5 billion yuan of funds, will create a huge library, covering the theme hotel, academic exchange center and other projects of cultural tourism resort, in addition, will also be extended to the photography art museum, pension center, wedding theme park and other formats.

here out of the father of Oriental Hagel

from the town to Luodai Wufeng a few kilometers, entitled "East West dialogue" sculpture is quite eye-catching, here is the former residence of He Lin with a great reputation in the field of philosophy.

He Lin is a famous philosopher in contemporary China, Hagel philosophy expert, educator, translator, a researcher at the Institute of philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, known as the father of the Oriental Hagel". Hagel’s "small logic", "phenomenology of spirit", "the history of philosophy", "the ethics" and other versions of Spinoza, are from his hand.

this is also the reason why Chinese philosophy town settled in Chengdu.

signed a contract funds 5 billion yuan

Reporters learned yesterday at the

meeting, "small town", China philosophy location Wufeng Town, the former residence of He Lin is the core region. In the distance of 1 kilometers from his home, there will be a philosophy and Cultural Park project – which is one of the core projects of Sino German cultural exchange demonstration park. After the completion of the project will include the Philosophical Library, academic exchange center, theme hotel, philosophy Shuyuan region, both experts and scholars in the field of philosophy or philosophy of ordinary lovers, can education, research, conferences, vacation and other activities completed here.

project site was intended to invest 5 billion yuan, including the industrial fund and the first phase of the project construction funds." Project relevant person in charge, the town has not yet released a specific plan, but a dozen projects have been planned forming.

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