Zhengzhou pension for enterprise retirees increased by 177 56 yuan per capita

with the arrival of the aging population, many people in life are faced with laid-off workers, how to protect the lives of laid-off workers? A lot of people depend on the retirement pension. The reporter learned from the social insurance bureau of Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou City, city level enterprise staff retirement pension adjustment in 2016, on the afternoon of September 29th have been adjusted in place, 248 thousand and 500 enterprise retirees pension increase, an increase of 177.56 yuan per capita. This is the twelfth consecutive year in Zhengzhou to adjust the retirement pension for enterprise employees.

in accordance with the relevant requirements of the State Council on the adjustment of enterprise retirees pension benefits, according to the September 5th Henan province people club department and finance department "on 2016 to adjust the basic pension for retirees notice" requirements, the adjustment of quota adjustment, adjust and take appropriate tilt hook approach, from January 1, 2016 onwards, increase pensions for December 31, 2015 by the provisions for retirement formalities the city’s 248 thousand and 500 enterprise retirees, per capita increased by 177.56 yuan, an average increase of 7.11%, the city’s total replacement in January to September the pension increase 397 million yuan. After adjustment, the average pension for enterprise retirees in Zhengzhou reached 2676.3 yuan / month.

according to the Zhengzhou Municipal Social Security Bureau staff, by the replacement of social security card, bank account information changes and other factors, there are about 180 retired workers in Zhengzhou, part of the pension fund is not paid in place.

in this regard, Zhengzhou City Bureau of social insurance with "going to the grassroots, listen to the voice of the people, to observe the people and solve problems" activities, organized special forces, contact with the retired people take a variety of ways to explain the work, strengthen cooperation with relevant departments, and strive in November full payment in place. Zhengzhou social insurance bureau through the Henan business daily to remind the retirees to keep the phone open, in case of problems, please consult the Zhengzhou social insurance bureau.

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