Follow the trend of a lot of fun nternet entrepreneurs

is now the era of the Internet, many people want to do business on the Internet, Internet entrepreneurs more and more, it is clear that entrepreneurs are now a bit too redundant. Why so many Internet entrepreneurs? These entrepreneurs are suitable for online business? Let’s make a summary today.

often entrepreneurs with WeChat lost over a business plan, to help look at their own entrepreneurial projects are not reliable reliable? There are always some entrepreneurs will often ask a question, why do you understand the Taobao model, the pattern of the Jingdong you also understand, why do not see my model? In this regard, I can only reply with a smile. The basis of all entrepreneurship should be based on the actual operation of the VC, although people stupid money, the money capricious, but also not to anyone who can flicker on the copy.

in 2014, 90 entrepreneurs is a topic can not escape. A lot of 90 entrepreneurs who are holding the media on the branches, and even

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