Steamed delicious snacks to join security

steaming tasty snack joined the headquarters of the awesome helping policy for small entrepreneurs can be assured to join. Cooperate with us, the headquarters will be full protection, so you can start the business smoothly. If you are a novice, do not worry, we provide technical training, so that you can easily battle, get a good start.

steamed tasty snack join:


exclusive Wealth: a contract agent for a lifetime, the monopoly of a stable market, long-term profit. Priority to other projects of the group headquarters.

Expand favorable: steamed delicacy fast-food franchise headquarters to help agents in regional development agency outlets and authorized service shop. Agents enjoy a return of 10 thousand yuan profit.

post profits: agent owns expand the store material procurement price difference profit and rebate right. Enjoy low supply discount. And enjoy its store cumulative purchase amount rebate.

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