New health care reform or retirees or Medicare

recently said that the government is studying the health insurance system, the future may be retired or pay medical insurance. This message caused a heated debate, the rebound sounds obvious. If this decision comes into force, it is necessary to amend the existing law.

According to voice of

retired in our previous idea, of course, will not have to pay social security, and this policy, if implemented, will break the existing rules and people ingrained. So, how can it work? And how to promote the process of advancing and what resistance?

2016 in the latest issue of "seeking truth" magazine published explicitly mentioned the finance minister Lou Jiwei signed article, study the implementation of health care workers, retirees pay medical insurance policy, adjustment mechanism establishment and financing level adaptation. Zheng Chunrong, vice president of the Institute of public policy and governance at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, said that this means that retirees may still have to pay for employee health insurance, retirees have been enjoying preferential policies will no longer exist.

data show that under the current system, the general prevalence of retired workers more, and retirement income low medical burden is heavy, taking into account the retired personnel during the previous work, has contributed to the society which do not need to pay.

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