The easier it is to start a business online

want to do poineering work friends have turned to the Internet, because with the development of the times, society cannot do without the Internet, people also cannot do without the Internet, big software companies have a lot of resources, research and development ability is good, a variety of promotional resources are very superior, but rarely developed excellent Internet products. Initially, many reasons, for example, it is difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of individuals, internal management coordination is very difficult. I think there is another important reason is that the method is not appropriate. Large companies with more resources, an Internet innovation projects, invested a lot of resources, the company’s high expectations, the nature of the problem more, but not easy to do. It left the venture from big companies, first of all to "brandished a knife from the palace", killing the big company this practice, control the cost of spending less money, one or two issues of focus and resources to solve the core is enough.

1 focus: to solve the user an urgent need, solve the problem of a word can be said clearly.

2 Extreme: to do all similar products in the function extreme point, do your best to win.

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