2012 you want to invest in the industry environmental protection

choose a good venture to join the project, can help you quickly embarked on the road to get rich, of course, with a certain risk of investment, the most important projects selected, 2012 you want to invest in the industry, you find it?

Behind the

"when it comes to environmental protection, people think of garbage, people think of water, think of new energy. Each person’s mind is brought about by his personal understanding, not a unified understanding." Ye Dong said, in fact, environmental protection is not an independent industry, it exists in all aspects of the economy, the various stages, is to provide clean services for other industries. Any industry has its own environmental protection, it is dependent on other industries to survive."

and have the same feelings of Shanghai Yong Xuan venture Cci Capital Ltd President Feng Tao also believes that environmental protection relates to various industries, and chemical, materials, machinery, mining, air dynamics, etc. are closely related with technology innovation, waste recycling ability is enhanced.

Feng Tao for example: "people are now using the waste slag to make pulp, in order to reduce the pollution of logging and paper mill." In addition, through the recycling of plastic waste, turning waste into bio fuels and other recycling economy is also an emerging market in the field of environmental protection.

policy is a double-edged swordThe development of

> the basic environmental protection industry in Europe and the United States.

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