College of mechanical engineering Jiangsu nstitute of technology 95 years later Yang Feng

many college students after graduation, repeated day in and day out didn’t want to go into the relevant units are bound to work, they have their own ideas, the pursuit of freedom to pursue their career, hope they can realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Today Xiaobian for everyone is a college student from Jiangsu Institute of technology entrepreneurship.

blowing Lake wind, eat crabs, crabs can also follow the experience of a crab. This is the Jiangsu Institute of mechanical engineering, "95" college students Yang Feng entrepreneurial project – the vivid interpretation of the Yang family crab park. Compared with the traditional business model, Yang Feng optimistic about the new mode of "Internet plus", create a set of ecological tourism and agricultural business as one of the ecological agriculture chain. Currently, the year of the 3000 year old Yang Park visitors, the output value of up to 800 thousand.

entrepreneurship is more active employment. The biggest advantage of college students is not afraid to lose, lose, and now is the lowest cost of trial and error, even if there is a chance to start again." Jiang Ligong to innovation and entrepreneurship education into "moral education, development" project, is committed to training a group of application with excellence, have great originality.

vice president Hou Wenhua introduction, "the innovative spirit of the socialist core values of small fine falls implement action reflected, combined with school moral education management, make students consciously put the personal fate and the fate of the country, innovation and entrepreneurship dream and dream China closely together, to promote the all-round development of students in innovation and entrepreneurship and growth."

2006 years, Jiang Ligong push forward reform and innovation and entrepreneurship education, a series of preferential policies for the "after 95" innovative entrepreneurs "escort". The establishment of "entrepreneurship education platform, business simulation platform, incubation platform, business service platform, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements platform, entrepreneurship research and exchange platform" 6 entrepreneurial innovation platform; in leading efforts, the formation of entrepreneurial mentor group; in fostering efforts to build entrepreneurship "in the nursery"; service efforts, pioneering "big data gathering".

school student work department, the school attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship guidance services for students, so that after 95 youth in innovation and entrepreneurship is not confused. Recently, the school of mechanical engineering has with the Kunshan Development District People Club Bureau, Lite on Technology Co. Ltd. and other units to discuss cooperation, to provide accurate aid for the graduates’ employment work. The hospital party secretary Xu Hongxiang said, "the school pays attention to the cultivation of talent innovation consciousness and innovation ability, explore the establishment of training mechanism to innovation oriented talents, improve the educational mode of combining the collaborative research with."

Jiangsu Institute of technology to education as the first, quality, self incubation, science and technology as the guide of the entrepreneurial model of innovation, has become a boost after 95 college students grow up to become an accelerator". Student recommendation

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